About company


Союзэнергия conducts the activity since 1991 in Voronezh and specializes in design, production and service of electric measuring devices and automatic equipment. The enterprise has scientific and technical base and a staff of qualified specialists that allows to let out control and measuring devices of new generation. Today the Soyuz Energia company is an innovative developer and reliable supplier of intellectual devices to the market of Russia and the CIS countries more than 28 years.

  • Convenience of choice

    On our website you will find detailed information of the electric measuring equipment and automatic equipment made and delivered by us with the technical description, photos and characteristics.

  • Product delivery

    We deliver our equipment anywhere in the country. No matter where you are, your order will be shipped on time and delivered to the place you specified. The sent equipment is carefully Packed, so your order will be delivered to you safe and sound.

  • Product quality

    We are more than a quarter of a century in the market of electrical measuring devices and automation. We have our own production. Our employees are qualified specialists. Our products undergo quality control at all stages of production. Our products are certified.

Company management

  • Oleg Alexandrovich Pashentsev

    E-mail: sojuzen@list.ru 
    Phone: +7(473)2399890

  • Dmitry Olegovich Pashentsev

    Technical Director of the company 
    E-mail: dmpa@yandex.ru 
    Phone: +7(473)2399890

  • Marina V. Shaforostova

    Chief accountant of the company 
    E-mail: marina_75@mail.ru  
    Phone: +7(473)2394459

  • Fyodor Vladimirovich Vasiliev

    Director of marketing
    E-mail: teddivrn@yandex.ru