We take into account all the wishes of the Customer

Our company provides services in design of substations from own, and also the third-party equipment, commissioning and installation supervision.

  • Design works

    We develop design and working documentation for new construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of devices and means of automation of substations. Performed design of complexes of relay protection and automatics (RZA), the control connections of 6 kV and higher microprocessor technology. We design dispatching and process control systems.

  • Supervision of erection works

    High-quality installation supervision can dramatically reduce the risk of errors during installation and commissioning of equipment, to identify possible problems before commissioning, which ultimately contributes to the reliability of the electrical installation. Installation eliminates many of the difficulties of organizational and technical nature, which inevitably arise when the installation of a new, unfamiliar personnel, equipment

  • Adjustment works

    Commissioning is carried out in accordance with the regulations, implying the diagnosis of electrical installations, including a number of mandatory measurements and tests

Design works

We perform design work on the following systems:

  • Automated control systems of technological processes of substations;
  • Telemechanics;
  • Telemechanics;
  • Technology information exchange systems;
  • Automated systems of dispatching and technological management;
  • The system of collection and transfer prefault information;
  • Automated information-measuring systems of commercial electricity metering.

Adjustment works

Start-up works of devices and means of automation include the following stages:

  • verification of the completed installation in accordance with the requirements for automation systems;
  • coordination of working characteristics of means and devices of automation according to requirements of your project;
  • the first start-up and intermediate tests for compliance with the requirements of the technological process at your enterprise;
  • setting up and adjusting system components and devices;
  • adjustment of separate elements and units of APCS;
  • elimination of the causes of failure, false alarm and other inaccuracies in the operation of devices and systems;
  • operational testing, integrated testing of process equipment;
  • training of client's personnel;
  • determination of suitability of systems for operation, delivery to the customer;
  • determination of suitability of systems for operation, delivery to the customer;
  • warranty service of automation system.

Chief installation

The complex of installation work includes:

  • acceptance of equipment received from the concern's plants to the customer's site, review and elimination of comments on the configuration and quality of delivery;
  • technical advice and support (supervision) of works performed by specialists of the installation company or operating personnel of the customer;
  • quality control of installation;
  • check the operation of the mechanical locks;
  • checking the operation of switching devices;
  • training of operational personnel of the customer (acquaint him with the device and features of the new equipment).